Piloting Course "European Expert in Sustainable Local Development"

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Fechas01/11/21 a 16/12/21
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OBSERVACIONES● Ages 20 to 35 ● B1 English level


● Ages 20 to 35 ● B1 English level


 Project and co-project: from community policies to strategies for sustainable local development – High intensity.
Understand, analyze and apply sustainable local development – Medium intensity.
Recognize, map and experiment financing related interventions, impacting at local, marginal and peripheral level - Low intensity.

Know and apply the main current regulations, in particular in relation with rural development, urban and sustainable development, territorial development - Low intensity.


 The course is thus a 1 module course made up of 2 Learning Activities (LA):
1. Learning Activity 1: Sustainable development in the EU: The Regional Policy
● Lesson 1: European policies for sustainable local development
● Lesson 2: Regional policies in 2014 - 2020 and 2021-2027 at a glance

2. Learning Activity 2: Giving life to cohesion: project and co-project techniques
● Lesson 1: The Project Cycle Management (PCM) approach and beyond.
● Lesson 2: Local, Cross-border and Transnational cooperation for Sustainable Local Development
● Lesson 3: Participatory planning: an asset for sustainable development

3. Learning Activity 3: Use specific digital tools to understand and analyze the characteristics of territories and communities, in order to foster and strengthen the participation of the different actors and create new development scenarios.

• Lesson 1: Basics of Statistical Analysis and Statistical Data Research
• Lesson 2: Digital marketing for the SLD: aims, tools and methodologies

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